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Cole Perry
AutoCAD/Revit Drafter
I started learning to draft back in 2011 and eventually received my A.S. in Drafting Technology and Architecture from the College of San Mateo in 2016. Before working for D.H. Charles I worked with Architects designing and drawing up residential homes in Revit. My goals here at D.H. Charles are to help the company transition to Revit, improve my overall drafting skills, and learn more about the business and what we do. I am excited for my future at D.H. Charles and grateful for the opportunity to work with an awesome group of people!


Since I sit at a desk most of the day I try to get active during my non-work hours. I love to cycle for fun. I like to go on long 30-50 mile rides on the weekend and during the week I incorporate it as my main means of transportation. Aside from cycling, I like to jump on trampolines, try new sports/activities, cook, and play with my dog.