Chong Kim, PE



  • Excavation Shoring
  • Roof-Mounted Equipment
  • Seismic Anchors
  • Crane and Rigging



California & New York

Chong Kim, PE
Sr. Associate Engineer
UC San Diego


During my 8+ year career with DHC, my favorite projects have been those challenging, back-up-against-the-wall kind of problems that really required us to draw on the collective experiences and effort of our staff, and in the end, gave our clients a cost effective, safe, and truly collaborative design. It’s these challenges and forming bonds with clients after overcoming these trials that I enjoy.


I like to keep up an active lifestyle and enjoy capturing moments in photo and video, and hunting deals and bargains online, which sometimes leads to me accumulating lots of things I don’t need. I keep up with most sports. Although I wasn’t particularly good at any organized sport in high school, I get pretty competetive and fired up whenever fantasy football season rolls around.