Chris Verryt



  • Scaffolding
  • Excavation Shoring


Chris Verryt
AutoCad Drafter
Keene State College


I am a very experienced CAD drafter and have had the privilege of learning from some very experienced mentors (people that helped originally write a few of the pioneering CAD programs).  My current goal is to excel at my new position at DHC, and eventually finish obtaining my degree in engineering so that I may advance my career to a point where I can be the one to provide an atmosphere for people to prosper and enjoy themselves doing design work.


I mostly enjoy designing new stuff, whether it be really simple and unnecessary, or more complex and design to save myself money.  When I’m not doing this, I like to explore the area I reside in (Southern California, mostly speaking about hiking or scenic spots of the like) or creating new music in my little mini in-apartment studio I’ve created for myself.