Stanley Coventry, PE


  • Scaffolding
  • Bridge Access & Containment
  • Structural Shoring
  • Roof-Mounted Equipment


California SE, California PE & Hawaii SE

Stanley Coventry, PE, SE
Associate Engineer
Cal Poly, SLO

After graduating from Cal Poly I worked in the permanent structural engineering field for a few years before finding my way to D.H. Charles Engineering. I am glad that I found DHC where the work is both challenging and rewarding. It has been especially satisfying to work in an environment where the employees have a collective passion for what they do.

I have always had a love for the great outdoors and traveling.  Whether it be hiking, ocean kayaking, fishing, just lounging on the beach, or exploring new places. I find it extremely refreshing and fulfilling to step outside, get a breath of fresh air and appreciate the world that we live in. It helps to put everything in perspective and to remind me not to take life for granted.