SSPC – George Campbell Award

DHC is proud to have been awarded the Society of Protective Coating’s (SSPC) George Campbell Award, for work on the Fremont Bridge, in Seattle, WA. This honor is bestowed as recognition of outstanding achievement in the completion of a difficult or complex industrial or commercial coatings project.
Habitat For Humanity

Giving Back – A Day with Habitat for Humanity

While developing custom designs for contractors throughout the United States and Canada, the engineers at DHC are lucky enough to visit active construction sites on a regular basis. Nonetheless, the Southern California team gained a new level of appreciation for manual labor, when they checked their calculators at the door and put in a hard day’s work for Habitat for Humanity.
salinas river bridge project

SIAC – A Historic Challenge

As our nation’s buildings and bridges continue to age and deteriorate, contractors are regularly challenged with completing retrofit, painting, abatement and other upgrades, without overloading or damaging the existing structures.  With more and more federal, state, and local entities rewriting their specifications to put the structure evaluation and certification responsibility on the contractor, it has … Read the rest

Engineering Solutions – Enclosed Scaffold on High Profile Bridges

Enclosed scaffold systems on bridges can expose some of the most complex erection and engineering challenges to face the scaffold industry today.  Extreme heights, elaborate bridge profiles, severe wind speeds and other complications regularly drive scaffold contractors and engineers to develop state-of-the-art solutions.  The following three high-profile bridge projects may have faced similar design obstacles, … Read the rest

Ballard Drive Bridge Engineering Project

SAIA – Balancing Needs – A Bascule Bridge Story

Published in the September 2012 issue of SAIA

By Jasper Calcara, PE

If you can imagine the risks of two sumo wrestlers jumping on a child’s seesaw, you can start to visualize the challenges facing engineers on the Ballard Drive Bridge painting project.

The Ballard Drive Bridge is just one of many historic bridges scattered … Read the rest