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California High-Speed Train – Tule River Viaduct

December 7, 2022

DHC does not shy away from high profile projects, and in the state of California, High-Speed Rail is among the biggest and most anticipated projects the state has seen in decades. With the introduction of a high-speed rail system, the state could finally feel a little smaller, although construction of the rail has been riddled…


1850 Alice – Overcoming Challenges

Washing windows. It sounds straight forward – grab a squeegee, a bucket of soapy water, and start washing. Now how about washing windows on the outside face of a 12-story building? Things tend to get a little more complicated.   The best time to implement...


Engineering the Pan American Games

The Pan American Games is a multi-sport competitive event preceding the Summer Olympic Games by 1 year, every 4th year. Each event hosts thousands of the top athletes from the nations of the North and South American continents. Spectators flock to see the various events...


Bay Bridge Demolition – Pier E2

Dominating the Bay Area landscape since 1933, the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge has stood as a monument to depression-era construction and as an iconic gateway to the port of Oakland for over a quarter of a century. But even icons can need some refurbishment, and...


Bay Bridge Rebar Cage

Such is the evolving world of construction that each time we pick up the phone at DHC, we expect there’s a chance we’ll be asked to do something we’ve never done before, or to support a construction practice or method that is pushing the boundaries...


High Roller

America’s fascination with Ferris Wheels was born at the 1893 World’s Fair when George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. unveiled his masterpiece at 264’-tall. Roughly 120 years later and at nearly twice the height of the original, the High Roller Ferris Wheel was completed as the...


Industry Leader – Guest Lecturer – UCSD

D.H. Charles Engineering, Inc. (DHC) was invited to be a guest lecturer for roughly 120 graduating seniors of the University of California San Diego (UCSD) Structural Engineering department. With an established passion for educating the construction industry in engineering challenges and safety, DHC was more...