Excavation Shoring


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Purdy Creek Fish Barrier Removal

August 7, 2023

In the Pacific Northwest, management of natural resources, including the extensive network of streams and rivers, are of utmost concern. We rely on these resources for generating power, food, drinking water, and transportation of goods, and many local economies are dependent on their long-term sustainability. As growth and expansion continues, management of these resources becomes…


Emergency Storm Drain Repair

  Before joining the team here at D.H. Charles Engineering, I had only briefly heard of excavation shoring. Dig a hole, install supports, and ensure that the walls of soil don’t cave in. Although that is technically true, it barely scratches the surface of just...


Willamette Water Supply Project

The Willamette Water Supply Project is a $1.6 billion water conveyance pipeline project in Oregon. Pipeline construction began in 2016, and when substantially complete in 2026, will provide fresh drinking water, capable of meeting current and future needs, while ensuring resiliency, protection of public health,...


Tunneling Engineering 101

At DHC, we try our best to be the construction engineers that you can come to for any design on a construction site. So, when a contractor comes to us to design a jack and bore shoring system, we can help you make sure your...


Steel Culvert Rehab

DHC has recently completed multiple designs of arch and elliptical shaped steel casings for culvert rehab projects for InfraSteel. Structural load and stress calculations on the new casing sections were performed and submitted, to prove that the steel segments can safely support the full intended loading of...


Gaining Knowledge – Trench & Shoring Safety

The excavation shoring industry is consistently faced with the age-old challenges of working in unstable & changing soil conditions, managing groundwater, and protecting adjacent structures/utilities, while attempting to complete their work in a safe manner and remaining profitable. With projects getting progressively larger and more...


MD Brace System Aids Cast-In-Place Job Off Lake Michigan

By: Tommy Marciniak – SPECIAL TO CEG   Completing a cast-in-place project that measures 46 ft. (14 m) wide by 39 ft. (11.9 m) long by 35 ft. (10.7 m) deep near the shores of Lake Michigan is a challenging project in and of itself....


Mega Brace Shoring Provides Unique Solution for Water Project

This article was originally published in Underground Construction Magazine in December 2010.   Projects requiring excavation are recognized as among the most dangerous in construction, and protecting personnel who must work in trenches and surrounding areas from cave-ins is a priority with life and death implications....