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By Christine Strong | September 12, 2022

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DHC is thrilled to welcome our new engineers to the team! Meet 3 of DHC’s newest by reading through the Q&As below. Christine Strong (CMS), Chris Poston (CAP), and Cesar Cuevas (CC) introduce themselves and share about their pathway to engineering, their perspective on DHC culture, and more!


Q: What lines of work have you been involved in at DHC?


CMS: Scaffold, structural shoring, excavation shoring, rooftop equipment.


CAP: Excavation shoring and various scaffolding.


CC: Excavation shoring, utility support, foundation design.


Q: What are a few words you would use to describe the DHC culture?


CMS: Innovative, Engaging, Autonomous.


CAP: Exciting, Fulfilling, Inspirational.


CC: Connected, Challenging, Nimble.


Q: Why did you choose to work at DHC?


CMS: DHC is an incredible hub of efficiency and expertise and a fantastic place to be a young engineer soaking up knowledge. I joined the team with an interest in the intersection between structural design and construction engineering and have really enjoyed the wide variety of projects that come up in the temporary structures industry!


CAP: From the first moment I spoke with Mitch Meadows (branch manager of the San Diego office) over the phone, I could very easily tell that DHC fosters an environment of challenge, growth, and support. As an industry leader, DHC prepares exceptional work; but what separates it from others is that DHC also highly values its team members.


CC: The amount of knowledge, support, and diverse projects were unparalleled to others. DHC set a clear path for growing and learning as a young professional engineer while also being flexible and understanding. Additionally, their approach to prioritizing safety, being ethical, sharing a vibrant culture, and innovating continuously stood out.


Q: What is your favorite DHC perk/benefit?


CMS: As a younger engineer who is currently working towards PE licensure, I really appreciate the
support DHC provides for engineers to encourage licensure: covering exam fees, licensing fees,
and even an extra day of PTO for the exam.


CAP: My favorite perk about working with DHC is the people I work with! Each person is so driven, not
only to succeed individually, but to really help the company and each other grow. Help is never far
away and walking into work always comes with a bit of excitement!


CC: I love the travel stipend the company offers. I’m excited to take advantage of it to travel to other
offices across the country to meet with my colleagues soon!


Q: Why did you choose to become an engineer?


CMS: I wanted to pursue a career field that prioritized my values of constant learning, creative thinking,
and positive community impact. Today I still value those highly and am proud to practice them
every day both here at DHC and in my personal life.


CAP: I’ve always been interested in the way things work. Not just on the surface level, but really diving
deep into why things work the way they do. This led me to pursue a deeper understanding of
engineering through school and luckily, led me to DHC!


CC: To help others and improve the infrastructure around us to incur change for a better world. I admire
the innovation behind the profession, being creative, and problem solving while also being able to
collaborate with others.


Q: As a new engineer at DHC, what are you most excited about?


CMS: As a problem solver, I am excited to continue developing my ability to provide creative and
efficient solutions.


CAP: What excites me most is the diversity of projects that DHC takes on. I started with excavation
shoring, but I’ve slowly gained experience with the scaffold department as well. Both lines of work
offer unique challenges and opportunities to cultivate my skills.


CC: I’m excited to continue working on famous, unique buildings and projects across the US and Canada,
as well as those close to our Chicago Office. It’s also great merging my time at university with the
experience I’m learning at DHC to excel as a young structural engineer.


Q: Outside of work, what are some hobbies you enjoy?


CMS: Cooking, yoga, hiking, backpacking.


CAP: Tennis, hiking, and weekend road trips.


CC: Traveling, reading, running, and watching movies.

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