At DHC, we want to be a company that values our employees and creates a work environment which helps them thrive. That is why our leadership team has continually invested in utilizing Zweig Group, a 3rd party company that equips and reviews AEC (Architectural, Engineering, and Construction) firms to help elevate the industry. Zweig utilizes research, data, case studies, and more to create top of the line consulting services and surveys that help companies grow and succeed. Although Zweig provides a variety of resources and services, DHC has chosen to participate in their “Best Firms To Work For Award” on several occasions to accomplish our goal of the betterment our company for the industry and our employees.


This award recognizes top AEC firms based on many factors, some of which include workplace practices, retention rates, benefits, work environment, management, etc. The process is rather extensive as the firm itself provides information regarding all the areas up for evaluation. After completion, employees are then given the opportunity to participate in an optional survey in which they provide anonymous responses and feedback for their company. Zweig requires a minimum of 70% employee participation for entry in the award process. DHC has proudly had closer to 95% participation over the years.


DHC has been awarded Best Firms each year we have entered. Although the award itself is appreciated, the real win for our company is the knowledge and resources that we gain from the employee survey and feedback which helps us build a better company for our employees and our industry. Employee benefits and company policies have been changed or adjusted as a direct result of the feedback given by employees throughout the Best Firms Award process. DHC leadership also values knowing how we compete within our industry when it comes to employee satisfaction. Companies are ranked amongst other participating firms, and the results give a clear understanding of how well we are serving our employees at DHC.


Our goal is not to be awarded and recognized as a “Best Firm To Work For”, but instead to have that statement ring true amongst our employees themselves. We want to be an engineering firm that our employees enjoy and value working for – we know that our industry is best served by individuals who are thriving in their work environments, growing in their skills and trade, and by those who know their company is for their overall success. We are proud to be a Zweig Best Firm and we will continue to strive for that goal whether awarded or not.